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Family Testimonials

This last weekend my sister and I moved my mother into Eastgate Manor. Even though I have complete faith in my sister and her judgment, I still had a few reservations. Living in North Carolina, all I had to go on was the feedback I heard from my sister and mom.

This last weekend I came up from NC to help my sister move my mom in. The reservations I had no longer existed thanks to Maureen, Rose and the other staff I had met. After some conversations with them, they truly made me feel at ease with the new life style my mom was about to begin. They displayed a great passion for their “job” which one does not find too often. I tip my hat to them and say “THANK YOU” for your passion!

-Eric W.
Family Member

Yesterday I visited my mother Letitia B. for her 85th birthday. I live about an hour and a half from Eastgate and work a lot of hours, so I don’t get over there very often. My mom has been a resident a little over two years now. As I left her room yesterday, I realized my sister and I had a meaningful conversation with her. Something we have not been able to do in years. She asked intelligent questions, listened for the responses, and had follow up questions. This sounds like a simple thing, but not for her. I know this change in her comes from being at Eastgate and interacting daily with people. She has, in fact, lost about 25lbs. since she came to Eastgate, something we thought impossible. But just her walking to her meals three times every day has helped her. Now she is telling us about going to Walmart, an Art show, and down by the river, which entails getting on the Eastgate bus. This is something we have been trying to get her to do, but she would not listen to us. Simply mingling with people she can relate to and your wonderful staff has done her a world of good. Thank you to all your employees for caring for all our family members daily.

-Karen C.
Family Member

I wanted to thank you for the very special kindness and caring that you gave to my Mom, Ginger N., during her short stay at Eastgate.

Eastgate Manor was the perfect place for her to live after Dad passed away. I know that she was as happy as she could be while staying there. Both her social and medical needs were always taken care of and she was content to be there.

I appreciate the professionalism of the staff, from my Mom’s nurses to the individuals who served her meals. There was so much love and affection that was given to my Mom and I want you all to know that your kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you!

Family Member

For the past six years I have been entertaining the residents of the Lexington Convalescent homes at the Lexington of Streamwood, Lexington of Schaumburg, and Lexington of Bloomingdale. My Mother was a resident at the Lexington of Schaumburg and is now a resident of Eastgate Manor of Algonquin.

Being able to watch the changes in the different Lexington homes has been some experience. What I noticed is a complete makeover of the dining room. What a beautiful makeover. I noticed that they have made the areas more home-like and more comfortable for the resident. Instead of bringing the food from down stairs they now prepare the food closer to the people where the food is served hot.

In addition to the physical changes in the appearance of the rooms, and preparing the food closer to the people, I also noticed that there are more caregivers to watch over the people. It seems that the people are monitored much more now than six years ago.

I’m overwhelmed by the changes that the Lexington Organization has made to all of the homes that I have worked at. I think what makes all of the changes more meaningful is, we play maybe every month or every other month, and I notice that the employees of Lexington continue to strive to improve the operations to make it more convenient and comfortable for the residents.

I know my Mother calls Eastgate home and for my Mother, home is where you feel comfortable, cared for, and secure. When you reach the age where you need care it’s all so comforting for the residents to feel that they are being taken care of under any circumstance.

So I would like to thank the management of Lexington Corporation for a job well done and most of all thank you for taking care of my Mother. It’s nice to go and entertain the residents and see the comfort in their faces as well as the smiles. It must be a great comfort to all to know that they are treated with respect and treated like they are part of the Lexington family.

-Ed M.
Family Member

A New Life for Dad
I was born and raised in a house with my parents and grandparents – it was a natural way to live – three generations living together, learning from each other, taking care of each other. I had no siblings so basically I was everything to them and me.

As an adult I was married with 3 children and family continued to be most important. When my 1st husband left my girl and I (my youngest was just turning 1 year of age) I turned to my parents for guidance and direction. They were there for me and I promised to forever, God willing, be there for them.

Years later, I met a wonderful man and remarried – he loved and respected both my children and my parents. After a few years of marriage and my parents becoming house-poor, we all decided to have a home together and for 17 years mom and dad lived with us. The last 7 years of mom’s life we helped mom with her Alzheimer’s disease. My dad and I were her primary caregivers. The last 2 years of her life, she was bed-ridden and we worked together to provide loving care, along with the hospice staff, until she passed. Dad adjusted pretty well for quite a while in strength, mental stability, and good health. He had always been a very social person; loved sports; getting together with friends; gambling.

We started seeing signs of depression (but didn’t recognize it at first). He spent only a few minutes reading the paper, watched very little TV, he basically “followed the sun” in his chair, moving it about throughout the day, and many times I would come home from work to find him sitting in the dark. He really cut back on his little shopping trips. Through these years he had fallen several times – but thank God, no major injuries. He fell once going up the curb after getting the mail, and again in the snow when he dropped his car keys, and going to pick them up, slid half-way under the car. If one of us had not been at home, the result could have been disastrous. My husband and I realized dad, now in his early 90’s was not having quality in his life.

We tried to determine dad’s needs and what way we could best help him. I needed to work for financial reasons and couldn’t be there during the day. I started looking into supportive/assisted living places. My thought was if he had people there to fulfill his needs, socially engage with him, really care about and for him, he could be more himself and it was not too late to increase his quality of life!

After looking into several places in the area (for it was important to me to be able to visit him frequently) I was so very thankful to find Eastgate Supportive Living in Algonquin. It was everything I hoped it to be and more! First I met Maureen, Carrie, and Jason (the administrator). They could not have been more caring and wonderful to work with. I took a tour and sat with Maureen to find out the details of dad’s “potential new home.” After sitting down with my dad and talking about what Eastgate could offer him, he was ready to come with me to “check it out.”

He loved the people and the atmosphere there as much as I did. There was a smile on his face (which continued to grow over the next 3 years). The staff guided me and helped me figure the financial end out. Dad was totally hopeful with this move… and over the next 3 years all our prayers were answered. He became “family” with everyone there-from Jason, Maureen, and Carrie, to the nurses, C.N.A’s, dining staff, activity director, receptionist, housekeeping, and many of the other residents. There was a loving, kind connection. I remember Carries saying she understood the close father-daughter connection because of her and her dad…and wanting the best for them.

Where do I begin with the positives I saw him experience?

Was provided excellent healthcare (with C.N.A’s and R.N’s on staff; a physical therapist coming; his Dr. coming to Eastgate on a regular basis)
The privacy of his bedroom, yet housekeeping maintained the cleanliness (laundry care was available)
Excellent meals (with choices) and Joe, from the dining staff, would assist him in any way he could – and if he was ill, a tray would be brought up to his room.
Engaged with people throughout the day
Watched TV, loved Bingo, went to the special parties provided
Joined Bible study
Getting on their bus for shopping trips (Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, etc.)
Family invited in for functions

The location was convenient for me to get to – I would visit him several times a week; pick him up for family card games, haircuts (although that too was provided on the premises if you wanted).

If there was a medical concern (one time dad fell and cut his ear) 911 would be called and immediately the ambulance and paramedics would be there. He would be checked on during the night to make sure he was all right.

Dad was living a new life. There was never a doubt I had chosen the “very best care” for dad at Eastgate.

After 3 ½ years, Dad developed pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. His condition was serious and additional medical needs grew. His condition improved, but needed physical therapy – there again we were blessed as Eastgate is affiliated with Lexington Health Facilities. Dad went to Lexington of Lake Zurich for his therapy. Unfortunately, the pneumonia had taken a toll on him and he needed much more medical provisions. There now was a need for a nursing home. He now is in S. Elgin.

As I reflect, I can truly say Eastgate Supportive Living was one of the biggest and best decisions I ever made for dad.

-Judith S.
Family Member

My mother has been a resident of Eastgate Manor for almost three years now. She has always been an independent and self sufficient woman. Unfortunately, she did however suffer a stroke which left her unable to live alone. The idea of having to move her from her home to an assisted living facility was overwhelming, not just to her but her entire family as well. We had no knowledge of how, when or where to start this process. Having visited several facilities it became quite clear my mother would be happiest at Eastgate Manor. The entire staff at Eastgate Manor took the time to inform us as a family and help us through a process we knew nothing about and were not prepared. We are all so grateful for everyone at Eastgate, especially my mother. They took what could have been a negative situation and turned it into a positive. They truly are our second family.

-Mary Jo C.
Family Member